Located in the heart of Manhattan, CoverClicks Media, Inc. is a world leader in performance-based marketing for social media. Founded in 2001, we've grown from a two-employee shop, into a whole-floor giant, serving such clients as Jenny Craig™, ADT™, The Game Show Network™ and Nestle™ - all without the aid of outside investment.     Read More
  • 1K Facebook Friends
  • Single Mom from Seattle
  • Avid Online Shopper
  • Over 800 million active users
  • Small Business Owners, NY
  • Blogger from Houston, TX
  • Mother of Three from Boston
  • e-Commerce Owner, NC
  • Grad Student, Princeton NJ
  • 20K Facebook Fans
  • Generates 80K Daily Traffic
  • Social Event Planner
CoverClicks removes the risk of paying Facebook for clicks or impressions that don't convert into customers. We allow you to focus on customer monetization instead of having to constantly adjust CPC and CPM rates.
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Eliminate your risk by acquiring customers at a fixed CPF (cost per fan) that allows you to focus on operating your business instead of navigating an expensive media buying environment.
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Drive Facebook users to a lead collection form on a CPL (cost per lead) basis to capture consumer data that will drive your future marketing efforts.
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Drive Facebook users to your application on a performance-basis with our Cost per Install (CPI) program. Increase your user base while retaining your focus on user monetization.
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